Podium.Me Training Day – Saturday 23rd November 2013


Podium.Me is an audio platform for the under 20s to share their views on a vast array of topics; the site also showcases young musical talent and other stories by young people in the UK. Since joining the team as a rookie reporter, I have received weekly emails which contain topics and questions to ask people about, and after sending my audio to The Pod in London, the Podium.Me team transform the opinions from across the nation into a smart podcast.

The Training Day

From the pick-up at Clapham Junction to the drop-off upon my return, the Podium.Me team were welcoming, warm-hearted and generous in hosting a brilliant training and networking opportunity which included some special guest speakers from the broadcasting industry. The team, consisting of Camilla Byk, Penny Bell, Annabel Merrett, Cheeka Eyres and current interns Steve, James and Jon, shared their energetic plans to bolster the site’s output. A top-notch spread was provided for lunch and I doubt anyone will forget Penny’s chocolate cake, created for the site’s first birthday!

Despite the biting cold, the sun shone on our podcasting efforts on the day, which was a bonus as it made the ‘audio scavenger hunt’ task a bit easier. We split into teams and asked the under-20s about their Christmas experiences – notably, when did they think was the earliest time to start shopping, what did their traditional Christmas entail and could they recall any Christmas ‘nightmares’.


Guest Speakers

The majority of the day consisted of guest speakers who shared their experiences and anecdotes from within their respective lines of work. BBC Radio 4’s Jane Garvey and journalist/presenter/producer Katie Kernan emphasised ‘nobody owes you anything… nobody comes to get you, you have to get yourself out there’. BBC College of Journalism’s Matthew Eltringham told tales from his broadcasting career, while Aparna Murthy revealed some video tips and points to consider.

The final speakers were Olly Mann and Helen Zaltzman, best known for their podcast ‘Answer Me This‘. Their enthusiasm for their work was evident and infectious and they answered all the team’s questions honestly; they proved that persistence really can get you somewhere.


I travelled from Edinburgh to Leeds (£9.95 from Haymarket, or I could have gone from Waverley for more than double that… bizarre) and on the day travelled on an early morning train to London King’s Cross before negotiating the Underground – somehow, I got to Clapham Junction in time for the courtesy shuttle service laid on by the friendly team, to and from The Pod.

‘A Memorable Day’

It was really rewarding to be invited to such an insightful and useful day, the highlight of which was the chance to meet fellow Podium.Me reporters and to put a face to those who have been emailing me since this summer. It’s people like Camilla, Penny, Annabel, Cheeka, Steve and all the Podium.Me team who I hope to work alongside in my future career – a huge thank you goes to them for organising a greatly appreciated event.

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